The Providence Jewelry Museum is the first museum dedicated to the history of American jewelry. We encompass the largest jewelry archive in the world and aim to provide enriching historical, educational, and touristic experiences. 

​We focus on the true American story through the preservation of our country’s jeweled past. The journey of an exhibition, the processes of craft, and the history of an industry. The Providence Jewelry Museum creates connections between the museum visitor of today and the makers of yesterday.


Our mission is to educate the next generation of makers. Whether you’re a local seeking to be immersed in jewelry knowledge or a visitor to the Providence area wanting to gain education in America’s rich jewelry history, be sure to include a visit to Providence Jewelry Museum


We focus on the preservation of historical artifacts from the American jewelry industry. From stones and precious metals to original sketches and catalogs, The Providence Jewelry Museum has a vast range of historical treasures.


Our museum stimulates ideas in curious school children to adults who are passionate about life-long learning. Through our collection, workshops and education we hope that every guest walks away with the motivation to create.