Choosing a Hairstyle: Why Face Shape Matters

More than anything, including your dress, and accessories, the right formal hairstyle will say: You look absolutely fabulous! Learn just two things about your facial features and you will never again have a problem finding the perfect hairstyle, for prom, homecoming or any special occasion.

Why does knowing your face shape matter? As a rule, just duplicating the face shape with the hair shape, will create an ordinary look with no pizzazz, or style. If you have a round face, don’t settle on a round, pufffy or curly hairdo; it will only make your face look unusually round. Create interest with an angular and/or blunt hairstyle. Likewise, balance for a longish face is easy to do with a short full cut style, instead of one which is long and straight.

Proportion is the relationship between the length and the width of your face. Choose your hairstyle according to your facial proportions. Follow the guidelines below to find whether your facial structure is oblong, oval or round.

There are actually several methods for finding the proportions of your face. The method we will show you is called the mirror method. Get the help of a trusted friend, who can help you with the calculations.

You can also use a photo of yourself facing straight into the camera. It doesn’t matter if it is a small photo, what we are looking for is proportion and that does not change with the photo. You will need, however to take an accurate measurement, so a larger photo is better.

The average perfectly proportioned face is 1 1/2 time longer than the width. What we are trying to find out here is to what extent does your face vary from the norm. A perfectly proportioned face is very rare, you need to know your structure only for the purposes of enhancing your features with the very best formal or casual hairstyles and the right accessories.


Stand directly in front of a mirror, so you can see your entire face and hairline. Remain very still, so you can take an accurate measurement. Do not sway forward or backward or from side to side. Pull your hair back totally away from your face and neck so you can determine your true bone structure.


First, place a dot onto the mirror, at the uppermost point where your hair meets your forehead. Next, place a dot onto the mirror where the bottom of your chin show in the mirror.


Now, place a dot onto the mirror where each of your cheeks are at their widest point. This is usually at the same level as the top of your ears.

These are the two important measurements so write them down.

Length Width

Now, we are going to make a simple but very important calculation. Take the width and divide that number by the length. What number did you get? Write this number down…

Your face is OBLONG if you are between 0.60-0.69

Your face is a bit longer than average, you may have a high forehead or a longer chin.

Your face is OVAL if you are between 0.70-0.79

Your length is at or close to 1 and 1/2 times the width.

Your shape is average.

Your face is ROUND if you are between 0.80-0.89

Your face is considered round if your length is shorter than average.

You don’t HAVE to follow these guidelines, but by doing so you automatically complement your natural features, which creates balance and excitement, making you more attractive.

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