Formal Hairstyles You Can Do At Home

Learn to make your own formal hairstyles can save you money and time, if you have short or long hair. Although some formal updos require an extra pair of hands, many formal hairstyles you can do at home with a little practice. You can even modify some formal styles for a more casual look.

Short Formal Hairstyles

Many home formal hairstyles for short hair are pretty simple. You can use your basic hairstyle short hair just adding a pin, fork or a clip with gems. For a more classic look, put finger waves in her hair. You need a firm grip lacquer with a rather slow drying time, a rat tail comb and some forks. You can also purchase wave clips to hold them while dry hair as desired. Put your finger on the heart of straight hair. Put the comb in her hair against your finger and drag it sideways until an edge is formed. Press the edge to keep it tight, then turn the hair in the opposite direction. Finish the neck and around the ears pin curls classic clips.

Classic French Twist

The French twist is a classic formal hairstyle. You can easily make at home. You will need a hair brush, comb rat tail, lacquer and lots of forks. Start with hair that is not freshly washed. If you have fine hair or your hair without a body, you can put it in hot rollers or Velcro rollers before working with him. Brush your hair soft and reúnelo in a ponytail. Tour the ponytail clockwise twice, then fold the end of the ponytail to the nape. Begin to roll the hair around itself, forming a hollow inner part of the rotation ponytail. Set well with tongs. For a French twist easier, simply turn the hair from the scalp and put clamps. Shape the ends in an orderly and secure it with tweezers or rízalas to look different loop.

Curly Hairstyles

The curly hairstyles are a popular choice for formal hairstyles. Depending on your hair and your skill you can make your own formal hairstyle at home. Consider secure the hair in one or more simple ponytails. Riza individual hair curls and fixed in place with tweezers. This hairstyle can seem more complex than it really is. It can be used as a complete medium hair up or collected if you prefer. Change the look of curly formal hairstyles by opting for large curls firmly fixed in place or a mass of curls sharper for a very different look.

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