Medium Length Hairstyles: Just Try and Look Elegant!

We see a lot of ladies carrying medium length hairstyles. This length is much preferred because it is quite easy to maintain and handle. You can easily take care of medium-sized hair as they are quite easy to shampoo and condition. Also, small hair do not cover the neck so those who have any marks on their necks then they must keep the medium length of hairs. Most of the people think that they can make hairstyle with the long hairs only. This idea is all false. There are many medium length hairstyles which can be made to look unique, charming and sassy in the crowd.

As you know that hairstyles are maintained in accordance with what season is going on. So here are few medium length hairstyles which are not only popular these days but can be kept in either summer or winter. The following hairstyles will be followed in the upcoming year as well.

The Hairstyles Are

1. Layer Cutting

Layer cutting is again back as the curls and wavy hairs are coming in fashion again. This haircut suits every face nice.

2. Medium Length Bob

This haircut is not a typical bob rather it turns the medium length of hairs in the bob shape. It is a sort of curvy hairstyle which takes the hair covering half of the face and going inwards towards the neck in the curve. You will find a lot of actresses keeping this hairstyle. This hairstyle is the adoption from the olden days.

3. Straight Cut With the Bang

Bangs are not going out of fashion; rather they are keeping their presence by adopting different styles. Nowadays, you can have side bangs or fringes and can maintain a straight cut with them. If you do not like straight cut then you can follow any other cut too. Bangs or fringes give women a flashy and a modern look and they suit nice on those who have thin face cut.

4. Blunt Cut

This style only suits those who pin straight hair. If you have blunt cut then you will seem to carry a volume in your hairs. In this hair, you will have plenty of hairs covering your forehead like fringes. This hair cut do not suit everybody so just take the suggestion of your decision before going for the blunt cut.

5. Curls

Nowadays, you can keep anything you like, whether curls or straight hair. However, curls are getting the highlight these days and it seems that 2012 will all be about carrying curls. So, you can enjoy curling your medium length of hairs too in any style you wish.

6. Mixed Haircut

Many beauticians introduce such haircuts by merging two or three different haircuts together. Such hairstyles look best on those who have larger volume of hairs. Such hairstyles are also called “geometric hairstyles”. These may include a lot of layers and layers, the mix of steps and layers with bangs or fringes too.

These all were the medium length hairstyles which you can follow through the haircuts. Now the different techniques will be told in which you can tie up your medium length of hair and look gorgeous. Braids are counted first when such hairdos are talked. Front braid and French braid is quite common in this regards. You can make the front braid to create a hair band of your hairs at front of your head in order to safe the hairs from falling on your face and leave the hair open at the back. You can also decorate the front braid with flowers or other hair accessories to add some more beauty. Front braids look good on every kind of dress such as party gowns or any other formal or informal dress. French braid ties up the hairs fully and suit more on the thinner faces and is a hairstyle to be made in summer. You can also make two braids or two ponytails if you want to look innocent or childish but this style will go well with the jeans.

Twists with puffing is also one of the most popular medium length hairstyles. You can make the twists of your front hair and do puffing on the crown of your head and can join both of them together. This hairstyle looks good when made in formal gatherings. Side buns are also a good option to follow. Just make a ponytail towards the right or left shoulder, wrap the hair up by taking in all the hairs and tie them neatly with the pin and your side bun is ready. Puff at front is also “in”. You can also make a “pony tail” of half of your hairs and can leave the other half of the hairs open. Thus, if you want to look different every time you go out then experimenting with the new hairstyles is necessary.

It is really important to know what suits to one’s face shape before choosing any style out of the medium length hairstyles. People love to follow what styles are made by celebrities. We see models on the TV coming up with different styles every time and we just get impressed. This gets possible only because of the heavy makeovers of the models which are done to come in the flashlights. In practical life, we must follow those things which can make us look good, not only those which are followed by the others. It is good to know that what suits you better before adopting any of the haircut or style. If your face is round then no bangs or blunt cut will suit you. Simple layer cutting defines the round face shapes decently. Bangs and blunt is made for the long and thin faces, whereas curls can suit any face shape nice. So, this was pretty much all about the haircuts and hairstyles which are made in medium hairs for this article. Try any of them and look different in the crowd.

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