The Elegance of Short Wedding Hairstyles

If you are the type who prefers to wear the short hair and do not plan to let his hair grow for your wedding day, you should choose a hairstyle that is perfect for a bride and you can wear it with short wedding hairstyles. It is a tradition that women let their hair grow long and to wear it well groomed at the wedding, but perhaps are not so many traditional and prefer to wear the hairstyle that best suits your personality. It is likely that many people say that long hair is more versatile (which is true), but you also know you can do even if you have very nice hair short hair.

Short Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Here are some ideas for short wedding hairstyles are simply gorgeous. We hope you find inspiration in these hairstyles when choosing which eventually will wear on your special day.

Hairstyle with bangs and soft waves

The side bangs are always an excellent choice to complement the short hairstyles. If you want to marry nice short wedding hairstyles you can opt for this style that combines lovely loose waves with a side fringe. This hairstyle will look like you have more hair and give you a romantic and elegant look. You can complement this style with a hair accessory, either a headband, a belt or a floral accessory.

Incorporated curly

This hairstyle gives the impression of being picked very elaborate, but is really just curls set with forks on the back of the head. The forks that were used in this case are shaped like little flowers, for a more romantic and special touch to the look.

Romantic curls

A retro style curls, perfect for beach weddings or those that take place outdoors.

For very short hair

It looks like bridal hairstyles with accessories. If your hair is too short to curl, but do not want to just take it straight, you can try using some nice accessory on the side that gives elegance and beauty to your hair.

Bohemian Curls

It is short wedding hairstyles with a little more bohemian curl. It is an excellent choice if you’re taking small or short veil.

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